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Planning Department Customer Survey

  1. City of Irving Planning Department Customer Survey

    Dear Customer,

    You recently had contact with our department regarding the processing of a development application, request for information, or other inquiry. Please take a few moments to complete this survey. Your participation is encouraged and appreciated. Customer feedback allows us to continually improve the services we provide. Thank you for your time and assistance.

    City of Irving
    Development Services

  2. Type of application or request submitted

  3. Are you a

  4. If you submitted a development application, was your request

  5. Based on your most recent contact, rate the service you received.

  6. Assistance provided by planning division staff

  7. Explanation of the process by planning division staff

  8. Length of time taken to complete the process

  9. Overall satisfaction with the process

  10. Quality of communication from planning division staff

  11. What was your impression of the employee who assisted you?

  12. Knowledge

  13. Overall Impression

  14. Professionalism

  15. Promptness

  16. Willingness to Help

  17. If you would like to discuss your comments or have a manager contact you, please provide your information below.

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