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Vacation Watch Request Form

  1. Vacation Watch Program Header
  2. If you return early from your vacation, call (972) 721-2661 to alert the Police Department.
  3. Resident Information:
  4. (If none, leave blank)
  5. Your House Is:
  6. (Phone number where you can be reached while away)
  7. Notify us immediately if departure or return times change.
  8. Local Emergency Contact:
  9. Do they have a key?
  10. Persons Authorized on Property:
    (Lawn / Pet Care, etc.):
  11. Vehicles Left on Property:
    (Do not include vehicles in garage)
  12. Additional Questions
    Please answer yes or no to the following:
  13. Alarm System?
  14. Broken Windows or Screens?
  15. Lights Left On?
  16. Pets in Yard?
  17. Paper / Mail Stopped?
  18. Member of Neighborhood Crime Watch
  19. Leave This Blank:

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