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Bidders' Notification Database Application


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  • Your Information

    1. Purchasing Division, Financial Services
      835 W. Irving Blvd. Irving, Texas 75060 (972) 721-3753

      Instructions to Prospective Bidders:

      • Please review the list of commodities on the following pages, and select the commodity numbers of those goods or services that you want notification of when the City of Irving solicits bids or proposals.
      • When a solicitation goes out in one of the commodities you selected, a notice will be sent to the email address you provided, giving you information about the solicitation.
      • You may check current solicitations online.
      • If your email changes, please notify us so we can update your record, otherwise you will not receive notices.
    2. If you are an M/WBE, please provide the appropriate certification number:
    3. Check appropriate box:
    4. Please list my company on any published Planholders Lists for the commodity code notifications I’ve selected:
    5. The City of Irving provides fair and equal access to the bidding process to all parties and has adopted a policy encouraging M/WBE vendors to compete for City business. The City seeks competitive bids and proposals as a way of meeting our obligation to our taxpayers and our requirements under State law. All bidders and proposers will be treated fairly, honestly and courteously, and all information regarding each solicitation will be made available to the public to the fullest extent allowed by law.