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Keenan Crossing Trail Shelter


  1. Concrete Unlighted Surface Trail
  2. Lake or Stream
  3. River Overlook
  4. Trail Bridge
  5. Trails

About the Park

In 1842, Thomas and Sarah Keenan settled this area as members of the Peters Colony.  Their location, adjacent to the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, became known to travelers of the Bird's Fort Trail as Keenan's Crossing. This was due to the ease at which travelers could cross the river here, as well as a common point along the trail.

After the death of their 2-month-old son in 1843, the Keenan's established one of the earliest cemeteries in present day Dallas County.  It's near the crossing in today's Farmers Branch.  Then, using their log cabin, they also established the area's first Baptist Church, Union Baptist, in 1846.  Eventually Keenan's Crossing would become the location of a bridge and road.  The pilings of that first bridge are still visible today on the north side of Interstate 635 in the Trinity River.