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Mountain Creek Preserve


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  1. 62.88 Acres
  2. Canoe Launch
  3. Concrete Unlighted Surface Trail
  4. Cricket Pitch Field
  5. Eight Tables
  6. Equestrian Riding
  7. Grill
  8. Half Basketball Court
  9. Horse Trailer Parking Area
  10. Horseshoe Pits
  11. Lake or Stream
  12. Large Pavilion
  13. Nature Trail
  14. Park Entry Monument and Sign
  15. Parking
  16. Play Field with Backstop
  17. Playground
  18. Portable Restroom
  19. Water Fountain

About the Park

Beginning in Dallas, the Eagle Ford Trail crossed the West Fork of the Trinity River at Eagle Ford, near today's Singleton Boulevard and Loop 12. Settled by Enoch Horton in 1844, Eagle Ford was named for an eagle's nest found at that location by the river. Later, Horton's son, James, built a grist mill there.

The mill would become a natural rest point for travelers between Dallas and villages such as Kit, Shady Grove, and Sowers. The mill would also attract farmers from far away villages such as Estelle, near present day DFW Airport. Continuing westward, the Eagle Ford Trail eventually connected to the Birdville Trail at the Dallas and Tarrant County lines.


  1. Mountain Creek Shelter

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