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1. Please tell me WHY the City of Irving needs TWO trash collections each week?
2. I believe bicycle lanes or signage saying bicycles have use of lane should be a priority. Also please repair potholes.
3. I wish to know what dollar amounts are budgeted to protect/update our city’s business software infrastructure against any third party hostage.
4. Will you please provide a link or information which shows all city departments and their salaries broken down within the department?
5. City of Irving taxes should not be increased, as I have lived in Irving for 25 years and have seen nothing done about South Irving.
6. Cut the pick up of Solid Waste (garbage) to one time a week.
7. Could we possibly consider going to plastic trash cans for both regular and recycle trash?
8. Will the budget and tax rate public hearing be about property taxes as well?
9. I think it would be beneficial to have Animal Control's phone number on all city parks signage since many times strays are seen in the parks.