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1. Someone has written checks on my checking account without my permission. What do I do?
2. Someone has used my credit card / debit card without my permission. What do I do?
3. Someone stole my checks / credit cards. What should I do?
4. What is identity theft?
5. I received a check in the mail and I was told to cash the check then send some of the money to another location. Now my bank has told me the check was counterfeit. What should I do?
6. I made a purchase (or sold an item) on eBay (or another internet site) and I've not received the package (or the payment). What can I do?
7. I've had my mail stolen. Who should I contact?
8. My driver's license was lost or stolen. What should I do?
9. My Social Security Card was lost or stolen? What should I do?