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1. Are residents and City of Irving Employees and visitors encouraged to maximize our city dollars and minimize waste? If so, how? If not, why?
2. Are efforts made to stimulate the economy of Irving by prioritizing purchasing within the city and from businesses and individuals inside our city? If yes, how? if not, why?
3. Are City of Irving employees at all levels encouraged to develop professional skills which not only enrich their possibilities but strengthen our City Team? If so, how? If not, why?
4. Does our City of Irving Team work together with Dallas County, Irving ISD, Dallas County Community College District, Spiritual Organizations, Baylor Scott and White, other medical centers,...
5. Finley Road from North Story East to Stafford, needs a complete resurfacing. I drive it all the time and it is literally falling apart. Full of ridges and pavement settling from an old street cut...
6. We, the City of Irving, have one of the most valuable plots of land in Texas, the former Texas Stadium land, what are our plans? How will you use this land to benefit the citizens of Irving?